Saturday, August 14, 2010

Myles basketball season in pictures!

Myles had another great basketball season! This was his first year of playing full court basketball & he absolutely LOVED it! Because he loves running & is very fast/hyper on the court, this was by far his favorite year of basketball! The crowd just loved him & after a few games he started making some baskets!

Myles before a game!

Myles & me

Start of the first game

Myles & his friend John (in orange). They played baseball together last year!

Heading towards the basket!

Checking out who he is guarding!

Game time!

I love this picture even though it's blurry & crazy looking!

Go Myles!

Myles shooting his first ever free throw!

Another free shot!

Favorite cousin!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Connor's basketball season in pictures!

Here's a flashback post from Connor's basketball season! He had a great year! We played with Upward Basketball at Cottage Hill Baptist Church this year & we had a great year! Connor had lots of fun & scored lots of baskets. He was so funny to watch out there! Here are my favorite pictures from his season!

All ready for the first game!

Waiting to play with no front teeth!

Being silly as ever!

Running out of the tunnel!

His team!

I still haven't figured out how to use my camera inside of a gym! I guess it's a good thing that the boys love to play baseball!

Dribbling as fast as he could!

Getting some instruction from the referee! He was the first one to get a foul on his team!

Whoa...that's a little high Connor!

More running out of the tunnel!

He's going for a shot!

Love that action!

Getting a high five from Coach!

Taking a break!

Connor had some special visitors come see him play! Cousin Grayson!

Connor with his trophy!

Connor with Coach Gale

Connor get a star after the game!

End of the season program! It was at this special program that Connor's life changed forever! He asked Jesus into his heart on this evening! We couldn't have been more proud!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First day of school 2010!

Okay I am so far behind on my blog once again! I cannot believe that today was the first day of school for the boys! They had a summer full of baseball & we took an amazing 17 day trip to Yellowstone! I guess my plan from here forward is to stay current with what's going on with us & then do periodic flashback posts to catch up the rest of the year! So be on the lookout for some flashback posts about basketball, spring break, baseball, Yellowstone, and much more!

Connor & Myles!

Our sweet 2nd grader! I cannot believe that he's in 2nd grade already!

I wonder how long these shoes will stay white!

Our big 4th grader!

I don't have to wonder about his shoes because he keeps them white all year long!

Connor is getting really close to passing Myles in height. He already passed Myles in weight!

The boys & me!

It won't be long & they will be taller than me!

They HAD to have Under Armour book bags! Myles has a huge obsession with Under Armour now. That's another post in & of itself!

Kevin with the boys!

Connor with his bestie, Trent. They aren't in the same class this year:(

Myles with his bestie, Ted. They aren't not in the same class either & Myles is so upset:( It's only the 2nd time since they have been in school that they have been separated.

Connor sitting at his desk

Connor with his teacher Ms. Ash

Myles in his classroom

Myles with his teacher Mrs. Horst!

Here's to a great school year & hopefully to me keeping the blog up to date!!!